Web Video – Secret to getting noticed on the Internet.

 Why?  More and more websites and sales letters include video.  Sometimes the video IS the sales page until you are directed to buy.

Google knows about trends.  Google bought You Tube and bought AdMob advertising for mobile phones. Videos on YouTube get millions of views. Videos on Facebook get millions of views.

Most of us grew up watching TV.  Clever ads get imbedded in our memory.   We remember the jingles.  We groan at the silly commercials.  The competition for Super Bowl Ads is legendary. 

Commercial like web videos used for business is effective.  Local business can separate themselves from the competition by using short informative videos.  People remember more of what they see and hear than what they just see or hear alone. 

Consumers have a short attention span.  Everyone is in a rush.  Videos must be short and to the point to be effective.

The numbers of cell phone users exceed Internet users – Instant search gratification demands that local businesses must be found quickly to earn the consumers business when the consumer is searching on their mobile smart phone. 

Big Corporate businesses have videos on YouTube.  They have Facebook Pages and Twitter accounts.  They advertise on mobile devices.  Local business must also utilize all these advertising options to earn the consumer’s business.

You may be too young to remember Burma Shave ads.  The ads were small signs on the highways with a few words on each with a clever rhyming message about Burma Shave.   The key was to place them where the most traffic occurred.

Multiple signs, traffic, location.  Your place on the first page of Google matters.  That is where people find you.  Using a video increases your web presence on that page. 

The likihood for you to get that all important call, that all important client, that all important sale depends on location.  Every realtor knows it’s location, location, location.  THE desired location is on Google page one’s search results.

Using video and having targeted mobile ads will get your local business the competitive advantage.  Getting the call, getting the sale instead of your competitor is the point, isn’t it?

If improving your sales and online presence  is important to you, then let us help you acheive those results.

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